Our School


Opeongo High School is a warm and inviting place to be.  We are a community of learners, who share the mission "Learn to Live".  The staff at Opeongo is committed to meeting the needs of our students.  We make every effort to ensure that students are reaching their full potential and learning practical skills and knowledge, which they will find useful throughout their lives.  At Opeongo, we promote responsibility, respect, caring, optimism, initiative, perseverance, courage, honesty and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.

About OHS

Our school, comprised of approximately 400 students and 35 staff, is located in Douglas, Ontario. Many staff members and parents attended Opeongo High School as students themselves so their commitment to the school runs deep. Staff members choose to work here and parents encourage their children to attend Opeongo High School because they value the variety of extracurricular and academic programs we offer, and the community-minded environment that makes Opeongo High School a great place in which learn and develop. We are thankful to the many parents and community members who attend our tournaments and events, and support our graduation award program.

In this section of our website, you can learn more about Our School: our history, school day schedule, school calendar which lists academic and social events, and read our school news. From time to time we may post an important notice. such as an event cancellation or rescheduling, to keep you informed.

Our photo gallery showcases our events, fundraisers and school activities. You can also access a map and directions to our school on our school contact information page, as well as a staff members contact list.

Different guidelines and policies keep our students healthy and safe. We invite you to read our code of conduct which includes expectations for attendance, dress code, homework and more. You can also learn about character education which we incorporate into our daily school life.

Transportation contains guidelines including where to find school bus status information. The key goals of this year's school improvement plan is summarized in this section of our website as well.

We are glad that you chose Opeongo High School. Feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions, concerns or feedback.


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