The Arts

The Arts come from a desire to be expressive. Students benefit from an appreciation of the Arts, an awareness of their aesthetic environment, increased communication skills and competence in some personal mode of expression. Employers are increasingly aware of the value of staff members who think creatively and bring innovation to the workplace.


The Drama program provides an essential aspect of arts education covering a range of personal and interpersonal development.

  • Drama courses review the basic forms of drama
  • Provide a rich variety of activities that develop imagination, acting and script writing skills
  • Although the Grade 11 course is intended for students in their third year, Grade 10 and 12 students are encouraged to enrol based upon their confidence in English skills

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program preserves the development of both fine arts and applied arts learning.

  • Foundation in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture
  • Art history preparation appropriate for post-secondary art or general humanities programs
  • Grade 10 design course develops marketable graphic and applied art skills
  • All courses are well rounded in historical analysis, theoretical study of the elements and principles of composition and hands on production of art objects


The Music program animates everyone's shared love of music. This program invites students of any experience level to have fun creating music.

  • Grade 9 - use traditional band instruments to teach students how to perform and read music
  • After Grade 9, students can study piano, guitar and/or continue on a band instrument.
  • Performance, foundations, composition, listening, history and analysis components of our courses allow students to develop their creativity
  • We take the opportunity to see concerts, attend festivals and host workshops to enhance the classroom experience

Performance Experience

Additional performance experience is highly recommended and readily available. Membership in our Senior and Junior Bands and our yearly musical is open to all students. Smaller groups such as Jazz Band, Dixieland Band and the Jazz Choir (Red Velvet) offer even more options. The groups run from September to April. See School Life for more information.


Arts Courses - Grade 9
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Expressing Aboriginal Cultures NAC1O1 (Open)
Instrumental Music AMI1O1 (Open)
Arts Courses - Grade 10
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Drama ADA3O1(Open)
Instrumental Music

AMI2O1 (Open)

Visual Arts AVI2O1 (Open)
Arts Courses - Grade 11
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Drama ADA3O1(Open)
Instrumental Music

AMI3O1 (Open)
AMI3M1 (College/University)

Music - Guitar

AMG3O1 (Open)

Visual Arts AVI3M1 (College/University)
Arts Courses - Grade 12
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Drama ADA4M1 (College/University)
Instrumental Music AMI4M1 (College/University)
Music - Guitar AMG4M1 (College/University)
Visual Arts AVI4M1 (College/University)

See the course calendar for full course descriptions.